C2 Level – Proficiency (for 15-16 teenagers)

In this level the students can face a variety of language challenges: they comprehend oral speech, even if it is idiomatic or fast-paced, they communicate in an effective way, so as to give emphasis or to avoid ambiguity. They can read literature, they can recognize different ways of expression and generally they can cope even with previously unknown fields.

The excellent comprehension of all language structures leads naturally to the acquisition of the highest level certificate of the English language (CPE – ECPE, Cambridge – Michigan Universities respectively).


  • 5-7 students
  • 6 hours per week + 1 hour Skills +2 hours Practice Tests(Each Saturday)
  • 280 hours (total)
  • Refresher course starting date: 6th September
  • Courses starting date: 13th Sptember
  • Courses ending date: 15th May


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