Academic Methology


Our school is based on the timeless values of respect, consistency and constant cooperation with the students’ families.

The matching of students to the appropriate level of studies is considered to be of critical importance and that is why we use firm evaluation criteria. During the school year, we offer extra teaching support to help students cope with their class requirements.


We choose our books from the top publishers and all of them are adapted to teaching with the help of the interactive board. We also believe and aim at the assimilation of new concepts during the lesson and we avoid assigning too much homework.


ELB’s teachers follow the yearly syllabus consistently and responsibly. They also fill written reports about their students’ performance.

Every week there is a scheduled meeting with the Management for briefing and guidance. There are also written Lesson Plans which contain the whole lesson’s process.

The teaching staff is constantly trained in-house and off-work. Each ELB’s educational consultant is at your availability in order to give you information about the educational questions you may have.


The students are evaluated daily in a variety of ways (spelling, oral speech, tests, quizzes, quarterly tests).

The quarterly exams are conducted 3 times a year (early December- early March – middle of May) after the appropriate revision of the relevant material.

The Mock Exams for the candidates of all certificates, are conducted twice a year and they are compulsory.


As a school that invests in the dynamics of the character and knowledge of each student individually, we consider our constant communication with the parents and guardians of the students a necessary condition for success.

It is therefore granted:


Every child can be stimulated and inspired by the appropriate stimuli.
We believe that the students should be given opportunities for fair competition as part of their performance.

Our school clubs include: the Spelling Bee Competition, the Bookworm Competition, Young Poets’ Society and promise to spot the talented students, as well as to inspire the potentially talented.
The students are also motivated by team projects, individual portfolios at the end of the school year, a theatrical and dance club and participation in cross-curricular programmes.

Furthermore, we follow all the latest development in Linguistics and Teaching Methodology, enriching the Curriculum. Our students participate in activities so as to get familiar with the foreign country’s culture and they celebrate national days and events.


In the context of the pioneering teaching methods we have adopted, our school is fully equipped with all the new technologies. We believe that technology has a positive impact in the learning process.

The students are more responsive and the language learning is more attractive, as every classroom has an interactive board, there is direct and safe access to the Internet and there is also an e-library.

So the students participate actively in the journey os knowledge, no matter what their learning preferences are.


At ELB we are concerned about social issues, trying to create role models for today’s students – tomorrow’s citizens of the world, providing them with valuable experiences which will accompany them for the rest of their lives. Some of our actions and endeavors to promote life values and encourage charity are:


Let’s Talk

The students are given the opportunity to participate in an individual discussion with a scool’s teacher, in order to improve their oral skills.


The creative writing magazine aims at developing  the students’ writing skills and at motivating them in their writing. The syntax transformation and reproduction enhance outr work and support the written language importance tin the language learning.


Our students share information with students of other schools all over the world, exchanging letters, which is an excellent way to introduce themselves, to describe their everyday routines and to build new friendships..


Once a week, there is a class of storytelling and the junior classes’ students get the opportunity to have fun with stories that are presented by their teacher and so they learn through a creative and fun way and they improve their narrating and critical thinking skills.

Arts and Crafts

This teaching method includes learning through art projects, so that our little students can stay inventive and develop their fine motor skills. Therefore, they get familiar with action and artistic thought, through working in a smart and productive way.

Cooking Experts

We like to learn through cooking and we prove it on every occasion! Gingerbread  cookies at Christmas, chocolate cupcakes at St Valentine’s week, preparing popcorn during “Film Society” and  magical drinks at the week of Halloween are some of the special products we make.

Get to Know Britain

Learning a foreign language should include learning about the country’s customs and we think that it is very important to transmit this knowledge to our students. Our educational programme includes celebrating national days, share information and making our students aware about global issues.

Film Society

Before the Christmas and Easter breaks we like to watch our favorite movies, to benefit from the knowledge we gain and of course to relax and have fun! Our school’s movie team has an educational purpose and is always connected to discussion.

Quiz Time

In the context of teaching new vocabulary we use specific learning tools and platforms to enhance vocabulary acquisition. Every year we organize a spelling contest, in order to motivate even the weaker students.

Theatre Club

Our theatre club offers multiple benefits to our students. They learn to use their voice, their mind and heart to do their magic on stage. They develop their oral communication skills and many more skills, which they will use later in life. Our students participate in the regular club’s meetings and at the same time, they prepare for the Christmas celebration.

Literature Clubs – Skills Enrichment

Each student can participate once a week in the literature and skills club and gain great benefits. Our little students have fun and benefit from the privileges of reading literature, by reading books and short stories, participating in role-play and watching short videos. The senior classes’ students have the ability to improve their skills in reading, writing, speaking & listening through various activities, so that they can prepare for the exam certificates.


Due to COVID-19, our school offers both online and hybrid lessons. The hybrid teaching method combines learning in and out of the traditional class, allowing the students who are unable to come to school to connect with their classmates through the Internet. In these very demanding times, technology has a positive impact in the students’ participation in the lessons and our school is fully equipped with all electronic means to support this teaching methods. Our staff is specialized in online teaching and all our teachers teach and transmit these very important skills to their students on a daily basis.

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