Why learn Turkish?

The Greek students who learn Turkish quickly realize the common aspects of the two languages in terms of vocabulary, idioms and everyday oral expression. The difficult aspects of Turkish are the syntax and the formal expression of written and spoken language. A good grasp of grammar and syntax is of critical importance, as there are no auxiliary verbs, articles and genders, but there is wide use of infinitives and participles.

Τhere is a variety of reasons to learn Turkish. On the one hand, Greece maintains trade relationships with the neighboring country, which makes the knowledge of the language necessary. Moreover, Greece is considered a popular tourist destination among the Turks. In addition, apart from tourists, Turkey and especially Istanbul also attract Greek students, because of their modern universities. There are many student exchange programs in Turkish universities, such as Erasmus, and during the last years there is wide participation by Greek students. Therefore, before someone decides to study in Turkey, it is very important to learn Turkish, which will help them to better adapt to life in the country.

Course schedule

General information
Number of students: 3-6

Course information

Α1-Α2 Level

Hours (total): 120 (27 weeks)

Hours per week: 4

A2-B1 Level

Hours (total): 120 (27 weeks)

Hours per week: 4

B1  Level

Hours (total): 120 (27 weeks)

Hours per week: 4

B2 Level

Hours (total): 120 (27 weeks)

Hours per week: 4

C1 / C2 Level

Hours (total): 162 (27 weeks)

Hours per week: 6


  • Tömer
  • Dilmer
  • Κρατικό Πιστοποιητικό Γλωσσομάθειας

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