Why learn Spanish?

The Spanish language is considered today a very important communication tool and the reason is that it is spoken daily by 350 million people, in 22 different countries all over the world. This geographical extend allows Spanish-speaking people to enter the job market not only in the countries where the language is native, but also to the rest of the countries which maintain trade relationships with the former.

Course schedule

General information

Number of students: 3-6

Course information

Α1-Α2 Level

Hours (total): 120 (27 weeks)

Hours per week: 4

Β1-B2 Level

Hours (total): 135 (27 weeks)

Hours per week: 5

Β2 Level

Hours (total): 120 (27 weeks)

Hours per week: 4

C1 / C2 Level

Hours (total): 162 (27 weeks)

Hours per week: 6


  • Diplomas de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera – Instituto Cervantes (D.E.L.E.)
  • KPG exam – Spanish (the National Foreign Language Exam System)

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