Teenagers' Programmes

Why learn English?

The English language is the top language among the national languages in the sectors of communications, science, business, politics and diplomacy. It is also the language of entertainment, aeronautics, radio communications, computers and the Internet. It is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and one of the 23 official languages of the EU, where it ranks second as a native language and first as a foreign language, with 51%. Moreover, it is the only official language of the Commonwealth of Nations and it is used in many more international organizations.

FCE PREP. (for 12-13 year-old teenagers)

Having successfully completed the study level of C senior at our school, the students can start the preparation for the Lower (FCE) or The Michigan (ECCE) certificates, which lasts for 1.5 years. Basically, they manage to complete their studies for the Lower certificate in 1.5 instead of 2 years. In this level, they learn to comprehend the main aspects of texts and TV or radio programmes, to narrate stories and experiences concisely (in oral and written language), to write texts on social issues, to engage in conversations or to write a CV. Of course, they familiarize with and get fully prepared for the Lower exam.

FCE – ECCE (for 13-14 year-old teenagers) – 1 year

In this level, the students acquire the ability to describe events in a complex way, to comprehend and talk about complex issues, to write detailed texts (essays, reports, summaries, etc.), so that they are prepared to succeed in the FCE Cambridge, ECCE Michigan exams. The necessary requirements for attending this class are excellent marks in the C senior class and also the PET certificate of Cambridge University.

C1 Level – Advanced (for 14-15 year-old teenagers)

This is the first class that leads to a higher certificate of the English language. The students will have the opportunity to expand their verbal skills, enriching their written and oral language with complex structures and complex vocabulary concepts. If they wish, they can prepare for the CAE certificate of the University of Cambridge.

C2 Level – Proficiency (for 15-16 teenagers)

In this level the students can face a variety of language challenges: they comprehend oral speech, even if it is idiomatic or fast-paced, they communicate in an effective way, so as to give emphasis or to avoid ambiguity. They can read literature, they can recognize different ways of expression and generally they can cope even with previously unknown fields. The excellent comprehension of all language structures leads naturally to the acquisition of the highest level certificate of the English language (CPE – ECPE, Cambridge – Michigan Universities respectively).

C1-C2 Levels (for 14-16 year-old teenagers)

This intensive course covers the previous two levels in one academic year, provided that the results in the FCE or ECCE exams were excellent.


This programme prepares the students of the 3rd class of High School for the English section of the Panhellenic exams, depending on their level. They will mainly develop their skills in writing, as well as their reading comprehension skills. Also, they will get accustomed to the exam format and the relevant techniques so as to deal with any difficulties they may face.

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