C senior –Key Experts (for 11-12 year-old children)

This is a particularly demanding level, which allows children to communicate in English, to engage in discussions with comfort, to recognize and use the aspects of English pronunciation and intonation in the right way, to comprehend complex grammar rules and to produce different types of written texts, following the best strategies and methodologies. This class leads to the KET certificate of the University of Cambridge, while at the same time, the children prepare for the B2 (Lower Cambridge & Michigan) exams.

After completing the Cs level and following firm classification criteria, some students can attend the B2 level course, with the right preparation.


  • 5-7 students
  • 5 hours per week + 1 hour Skills
  • Teaching through platform with share screen
  • Learning of the language through gamification
  • Refresher course starting date: 13th September
  • Courses starting date: 20th Sptember
  • Courses ending date: 20th May


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