Italian for Adults: C1-C2 level

The Italian language is the language of arts, painting, architecture, music and fashion. Italy is the country of culture, of Leonardo da Vinci and Dante. It is the country of monuments, pizza and cappuccino. It is also the country of universities.
If you want to begin or continue your studies in Medicine, Architecture, Economics, Fashion, Tourism or Arts or if you just want to join an Erasmus program, then Italy is the country which will give you the opportunity to achieve your goals. Also, remember that Italian is the official language in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino and the Vatican, with more than 80 million native speakers. Italian is the third (13%) most spoken native language in the EU!

Course schedule

C1 / C2 Level

  • Number of students: 3-6
  • Hours (total): 162 (27 weeks)
  • Hours per week: 6


  • Celi
  • Diploma di lingua Italiana
  • KPG exam


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