French for Adults: A1-A2 level

Why learn French?

French is a language which sounds beautiful, musical, elegant and aristocratic. After English, it is probably the only language which is spoken in all 5 continents. Its roots originate from Greek and Latin and it has contributed considerably to what is known today as the “European culture”.

  • It is the language of the European Union: Brussels, Luxemburg and Strasburg are all French-speaking capitals and French, like English are considered the main languages.
  • French is the official language of the EU, in order to differentiate from the USA.
  • It is the official language of the Olympic Games and the Eurovision song contest.
  • Registration at the French universities, which are known worldwide for their high level of studies, is now free (as we are a member of OIF) and the Greek students share the same privileges as the French, enjoying the benefits of a high-quality health and social security system.
  • It is one of the 7 main languages, with global dissemination and has a great impact on arts, science, technology and literature.
  • When someone already knows how to speak French, it is easier to learn other European languages (e.g., Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc.).

Course schedule

A1-A2 level

  • Number of students: 3-6
  • Hours (total): 120 (27 weeks)
  • Hours per Week: 4


  • DELF : Diplôme d’études en langue Française (A1,A2,B1 & B2)
  • DALF : Diplôme approfondi de langue Française (C1 & C2)
  • Διπλώματα SORBONNE : Διπλώματα που χορηγούνται σε ξένους υποψήφιους από το πανεπιστήμιο της Σορβόννης-Παρίσι IV (Β1,Β2,C1 & C2)


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