Exam Preparation Courses B2 & C2 level

Our Exam Preparation Courses, targeted at CEFR levels B2 & C2, prepare the students for the FCE/ECCE (Lower) and CPE/ECPE (Proficiency) exams of the Cambridge and Michigan Universities respectively.


These courses are targeted at all university students, professionals or adults who want to acquire an excellent command of the English language.

The duration of the courses is one academic year (October to May).


B2 Level Course: B1 Certification or a score of 50-55% in our school’s Placement Test.

C2 Level Course: B2 Certification or a score higher than 65% in our school’s Placement Test.

Course Schedule

Number of students                    Hours (total)                 Duration

7 – 9 students                                       210 hours                       30 weeks

5 – 6 students                                      180 hours                       30 weeks

3 – 4 students                                      150 hours                        30 weeks

1 – 2 students                                       120 hours                       30 weeks


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